Chows – Living Teddy Bear or Dog?

“OMG , look at this , it’s a little bear ” These are often the responses when people see me walking my little 7 month Chow named Misha Bear.

Chow chows are known to look like living Teddy Bears but be aware that those cute little bears grow into big strong dogs.
There is a few things you should know before you consider getting a chow. First of all, Chows are known to be lazy, strong minded and very protective towards their circle and own home. Don’t train or treat them like normal dogs – it’s a fact : They are not !!!

Chows are companion dogs. That means they go where you go. Back in the day the chinese breed was a guard dog to protect their family and home. So there is no surprise that chows need a lot of socialising to ensure they don’t start being overly protective towards their own family. You will realise when your overly protective chow won’t let your friends into “their” house . Make sure you  go and meet different people , dogs , kids , the more the merrier – however give your dog space to rest and plenty time for naps. They can sleep up to 18 hours a day. This is probably the reason why they are known as a lazy breed.

It’s also a fact that most chows are known for their calm nature. And to be honest I truely think that chows have a beautiful soul and a very caring and loving personality. My chow hardly barks instead she gives me plenty cuddles and “blue tongue kisses” to show me her love.

After having a chow I would actually not consider getting a different breed again. Once a chow always a chow! A friend of mine actually said the other day : Everything is slow motion with her! She is still a puppy – however she plays very calmly , she likes to observe and think , she is very intelligent and she is not wasting her energy until she believes it’s necessary. If you want a dog who picks up the stick and returns it to you get a retriever. Stubborn, selective hearing, lazy… these are some of the words you hear about chows but they are also cute, loving, clumsy, funny and caring. Once you have won their heart over they won’t leave your side. I promise you they will protect you ! Wherever you go.

Be patient with your chow. They are taking longer to adapt things. I am repeating Mishas training regularly and slowly …. consistency is important. That also counts for her  breakfast and dinner. Chows love a routine!

Make their food interesting. Believe me they can be very fussy eaters. My chow loves cooked chicken, scrambled eggs, dog biscuits and olive oil for her coat.

Rice with chicken or fish is also a great idea. Use little chicken pieces as a treat, your dog will love you for that.

And you know what they say the bigger the chow the more food they need. Chows can get between 20-30 kg depending on the gender. Get your chow weight regularly to see if you need to increase the portions. The last thing you want is a skinny chow.

Please feel free to leave comments or questions if you would like to find out more. I  have read tons of information before we considered getting a chow and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thanks for taking your time to read our blog.

Danke and Ciao,

The Veronickas


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