We are who we think we are ! 

People like to tell you all the time, you can’t do this, you can’t do that ! Oh no , you are too young or actually I think you won’t be able to achieve this! Are you crazy, this will never work!

Before I was able to speak English people would tell me all the time, a distance relationship won’t work, it will take you forever to learn the language , don’t waste your time! It takes courage to be different, to invest time and love to create something unique and special. To move country means: learn a new language, leave friends, family and your home behind to experience a new culture, build a new life, find a new job, a space to live and a circle you can trust. On your way to achieve this most people like to criticise your decisions, it’s the fear of the unknown what is putting people off. They like to tell you what you can and what you can’t do.

If you always believe what people say and put their limits upon your life, you will never live. I was 18 when I met a boy from Scotland. 12 years later my now “husband” is fluent in German, I am fluent in English ! We learned each other’s culture, lived and worked in both countries, travelled and put a lot of work and effort into this relationship. It doesn’t matter where you live or what you hope for. It’s true if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. Let no one ever tell you that something is not possible. It’s their own limit of thinking. Their world ends where yours is going to start.

Why are some people more successful than others? Even though they are coming from the exact same background. Why do you think some people can find the right partner and others struggle ? Why is one person more successful in a role than her colleague even though they face the same challenges and they enjoyed the same education? – It’s their attitude!

You can’t change what happens to you. Life is life! We get stucked in traffic because when we bought a car we signed up for the case that we might end up in front of a red light, building side or a traffic jam. Stop being annoyed about those  silly things. You attract what you feel ! If you moan all day and complain that you can’t find a partner I tell you exactly what will happen – you won’t find a partner. You feel negativ, miserable, sad … the list goes on! How can you meet someone nice when you don’t even believe it yourself. People probably back you up with those comments : yeah it’s so hard!

They believe it, you believe them and there you are in your own little negativ bubble scared to live and enjoy yourself ! Don’t get me wrong. I have moments where I feel OMG, this is so overwhelming but you need to reset start again and stay positive, feel happy and count your blessings. Remind yourself : It’s just a bad day, it’s not a bad life. You have so much to be happy about in your life. Do you have a bed? Do you have clothes to choose off every single morning ? Do you have water, food? Do you have friends and a family ? Do you have holidays? Do you have a job? Are you healthy ?  Congratulations – you have already more than most of the people on this planet.

Try and change the way you think and mostly how you feel and everything else will follow. You can be the best version of yourself. Practice, step by step, day by day, don’t overwhelm yourself. Be grateful, be appreciative and most importantly love and respect yourself. If you love yourself, you wont allow anyone else to treat you any other way. Be kind, be respectful, be brave!!!

Be the best possible version you can be and the rest will follow.


The Veronickas

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