How to: Edinburgh Fringe Festival

First of all, what is it?

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is the world’s biggest arts festival and this is its 70th anniversary, here’s some tips to enjoy it.img_8159

How to pick a show

The choice might be overwhelming, last year you could have picked between 3,269 shows, scary right? First thing to do is getting a free copy of the Fringe Programme, here you can find all the shows, divided by date, time, genre.img_7409

Another good idea is to check what was sold out the year before and read some reviews to check if it’s your cup of tea, lots of artists have been performing at the Fringe for a long time and you can’t go wrong.

If you still haven’t find anything, go out in the old town, talk to people, grab a flyer from a face you “think” you can trust and try, lots of shows are often free or discounted with 2for1 tickets.

The main areas for shows are in the Old Town and divided in Underbelly (look for purple cows), The Assembly, their garden in George square is just beautiful, Gilded Balloon and Pleasance.

Pick a outfit that works for all the four season

Edinburgh is beautiful, that’s a fact, another fact tho is that the weather likes to change, often, very often.

If you’re planning to spend few days walking outside and going from show to show you need to wear the right clothing. Comfy shoes, hoodies and a jacket, layer up, in this way you’ll be fine on a sunny or rainy day and still able to enjoy a full day outside.

Where to eat

Another great thing about the Fringe is that the city transforms, lots of food trucks appears all around the city center and the options might be too many.

Drinks first, you’ll find Hendrick’s gin lovely garden, Prosecco trucks, Malibu bar and anything you might think off and if at the end of the day the night is still young for you don’t worry, during the Fringe clubs are open till 5.

Savury cravings or sweet tooth? Edinburgh got you covered, between £3 and £10 you can get basically any comfort food, poutine, dumplings, mac’n’cheese, crepes, ice cream….hungry?







The show venues are spread all over the center, having a map can definitely be useful, especially because you’ll need to give yourself some time to get through the crowd.

If you’re brave enough a good workout is walking up and down the Royal Mile, this part of the city is packed of people for the whole month of August, and get to the end of it might be challenging. If you have time tho, spend some time on the Royal Mile to enjoy all the street performers and collect flyers.


You watched the shows you came for, you’re a Fringe expert or a beginner and a bit tired of the crowd? Escape a bit from the Fringe.

You can explore Edinburgh going to the Royal Botanic Garden, hike on Arthur’s Seat, walk along Portobello’s beach, Edinburgh really has a lot to offer.

If you don’t feel like leaving the Fringe too far, go hide in the Quartermile, right next to George Square there’s this modern peaceful area where you can enjoy a coffee at Soderberg or a fancy cocktail at No.8 Lister Square.






Have a good Fringe Festival!


The Veronickas



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