Festival Hairstyles 

With the festival in Edinburgh running we thought to pop on some ideas how to create a cute, easy way how to style your hair.

We love pleated hair. It’s a simple way to create a trendy hairstyle without looking overly made up. It’s a lovely summer look and you can dress it up with flowers, crystals, different pins and glitter

to give it a bit of extra sparkle and a pretty touch. Stella and Dot offers plenty sparkling options to get a unique, chic look. Our favourites are the Zoe Lariat and Emme. You can wear it as a hair piece, bracelet, necklace. The idea of investing in only one piece and wearing it in different ways is genius. If you would like to find out more check it out here 👉


 Emme Necklace, Stella&Dot £(45)
Another way to style your hair in a quick and easy way is to tie your hair in a half loose pleat. Curl the rest of your hair in styled beach waves.

Don’t get too stressed if it’s not perfect. Messy buns, loose pleats, soft curls are still on trend.

You don’t want to look like you have spent too much time and effort on your hair. A relaxed, casual look is much more attractive than coordinated curls. The best way to get fun beachy waves is to use a wand and then simply brush through your hair. Finish with volume or texture spray.

The fish tail has bohemian quality that looks cool and sexy. It’s actually not as complicated as you think and there are tones of you tube tutorials of different professional stylists who will make it as easy as possible for you. Follow the hair tutorial to break it down step by step to create a messy, loose fish tail. Wear the rest of your hair down and add a few loose curls if you like. Super easy! Super cute!

You can also wear your fish tail loose to the side. Make sure it’s not to tight to create a relaxed look.

Nowadays you can simply add volume and length through different hair clips or extensions. Choose between synthetic hair, real hair, clips or a permanent option. Whatever works for you best.

Have a good time and stay stylish,

The Veronickas



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