How to pack your makeup when you fly

Packing can be stressful, usually a bit more for the ladies, you know, we never know what to wear, but let’s talk about makeup, that’s not always easy, how about when you pack your makeup and you’re traveling “just” with your hand luggage, well, that can be a challenge.

Here’s some tips to simplify the job when you can bring just the minimum without feeling like you’re missing something.

1. Organize and Prioritize 

First, you have your makeup bag and your liquids bag. That’s great!Two bags to fill!

In your liquids bag you need to put straight away basic toiletries you can’t leave without. So go get mini toothpaste, deodorant and shower products, great are the samples you get in the magazines, they’re flat and don’t take precious space, in the end and if you do use it, a mini hair product (hairspray, dry shampoo etc.), in this way you already know how much space you have left.

Then think about what products you use that you need and that are definitely liquids.

-Perfume, try a sample you have at home or get a travel size of your signature fragrance

– Mascara, again a mini is ideal

– Concealer

– Mouisturizer

You should still have space for an extra like a liquid lipstick, a gel liner or anything you fancy.

2. Foundation is not just liquid

When you think about foundation, a nice glass bottle with a pump is the first thought but a powder or a stick foundation are ideal to travel with.

BareMinerals and bobbi Brown are our favourites!

3. MultiTask

When you travel most of the times you can’t have everything with you, that’s why is good to have multi purpose products.

– Lips and cheeks stains are a great space saver, try the new GoGo tint for Benefit

img_7662-1– Small contour palette can be used on the eyes as well, lovely are the Sleek’s ones, compact, cheap and beautiful, if you want a high end al face palette, Charlotte Tilbury is the place to go.

– 2in1 Primer and Moisturiser,Hangover FX from Too Faced is worth a try, smells amazing, which is a plus!

4. Pack your makeup thinking about your outfits

When traveling you don’t only have to select your makeup but your clothes as well.

Think about what you will do and where you will go. Will you have a special night? Will it be hot or cold? You don’t know?

Go with your go to base, and bring a couple of products to switch you look in case you need to.

Bring a nude lipstick and a colorful one, in this way your makeup won’t look always the same.

You don’t have space for mascara but might have a special event? Pack a set of false lashes.

5. Your tools

Invest in a good makeup bag, one with compartments but compact is ideal, keep things organized and clean.

Select your brushes and sponges and don’t forget about your hands. Blending your concealer with your fingers will save you space in your bag and make your makeup look for natural, if you use just a base color as eyeshadow you can leave another brush at home, same if you use a cream blush or a stain.

Select your products thinking about you must haves and picking compacts palettes. Smash box eyeshadow palettes are not only beautiful but very pigmented, with a lot of color choice and very small, perfect to travel.

6. Time to take it off

We all know a good makeup remover makes our skin soft and lovely but when traveling we can make an exception and bring facial wipes, they are easy, not liquid and soft.

We suggestNo7 makeup wipes, they won’t make your eyes red and leave your skin in good conditions.

Once yogurt back home tho don’t forget your amazing skincare routine.

Now go and pack!

The Veronickas

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