Life is change

We are not the same person who we used to be a year ago and we are not even the same person we used to be yesterday or the day before that. First of all, we all age, breathe and live. Not just only your body changes every single day, you experience every single day certain things which influence your opinion and your future actions, also depending on what you have learnt that day. There are footprints in our spirit and in our hearts. We do make mistakes, learn from our mistakes and we are trying not to repeat them. Play hard, work harder – Society expects us to be this way. Why? We are living in a performance society. Target driven, hard working, successful. Everyone wants to be heard and seen.

You meet different people on your way to success. And they say you don’t meet those people by accident. There is always a reason. People will come to your life to test you and others will teach you. – A blessing or a lesson! This is life.

We believe above all people are good by heart-however you will meet people who will use you and leave and others will be there for a lifetime. They will be by your side, year by year, month by month, day by day, close or far but one thing is for sure: They will make you a better person, support you and help you to be the best version you can be. If you accept the fact that life is change and things happen for a reason you will live an easy and happy life. Don’t hold on to things you can not influence. Don’t get annoyed if someone doesn’t want to do what you expect them to do.We can’t control other people. We cannot make them do what we want them to do. It doesn’t work like this. This is the reason why some industries grow, have healthy employees and others struggle. Everyone is driven by a certain motive. And again people’s interests change because they change and life expects us to do so. Everything develops all the time. 

Don’t be afraid of the change, the unknown or the challenge. The life cycle goes up and down. It was always like this and it will continue being this way. 

The Veronickas 


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