Start the day right 

We all know what it’s like getting up in the morning for uni, college, work. – responsibilities! There is not enough time and sometimes we forget how important it is to start your day right. They say “breakfast” is the most important meal. Why? It kicks in your metabolism, gives you energy for the day and wakes you up. 

Here are some ideas how to create a healthy breakfast without using up too much of your time. Pick your base like low fat greek yoghurt, scrambled egg or porridge. Use little powerhouses like seeds to add as much nutrition as you can. 

Check out some pictures below for some inspiration.
Natural yoghurt, Chia seeds which are full off Omega3, antioxidants. They provide fiber, calcium and iron. Add crushed linseeds which are high in protein, vitamins and zinc. Great with almonds or different nuts,honey and fruit. Anything you prefer like banana, berrys or apple. 

Another option is low carb bread. Do it yourself! It’s not as time consuming as you think and once it’s done keep it in the fridge so it lasts at least for a week. Pop some low fat cream cheese on it, tomatoes and cress. Delicious!

Recipe low carb bread: 16eggs, 2 sachets baking powder,600gr greek joghurt low carb, 200gr grounded almond, 4 spoons of coconut flour, 10 spoons of porridge, half a spoon of salt. Mix together, preheat oven, 150 degrees for 90 minutes. Enjoy!

Avocado has a lot of health benefits. It contains a great amount of Vitamins such as Vitamin E, Vitamin K, C and B as well as fiber.  Compared to other fruit options, avocado is known to be low in sugar. It’s often recommended as a superfood which will give you a great energy boost considering the amount of good nutrients and healthy fat. Slice it up and pop it on your protein bread or mix it in your scrambled egg. Enjoy!


Fruit can reduce inflammation in your body. It’s full of Vitamin C and antioxidants which are known to fight ageing.  We are surrounded by free radicals therefore we need to maintain the balance to stay healthy. Also, when you eat fruit on an empty stomach your system can break down the sugar quicker which will give you the best out of your fruit portion. 

Sugar free granola, berries, unsweetened almond milk
Natural joghurt, seeds,banana,berries,almond
Sugar free granola, strawberries, coconut milk, berries

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