Dream job – Stella Dot

What motivates you ? What’s your passion ? Fashion? Jewellery? Have you ever thought to do fashion as your profession? Have you ever thought to own your own online boutique? Where to start ? What do I need to invest in ? Can I afford it ?

What if I tell you that you don’t need to invest a huge amount of money to become a stylist or a fashion influencer? There are different reasons why people decide to go for a career change or even go for a side gig to earn extra money to afford the ballet classes, swim lessons or family holidays. Is there anything you wish for ? We all need to make a living, we dream, we hope, we survive. We go to work to afford things for our loved ones, for ourselves. So what is it you want?  Do you want to earn money to afford a new car, a new property, a holiday or is it something small like a family dinner,that dress you were wanting for months. It doesn’t matter what you wish for. Becoming a stylist has never been more exciting.

So how does it look like?

Well, the sweet thing about it is that you decide. Yes!!! You are your own boss. That means you can work your business the way you like it. No targets. No pressure. You work, you earn. Simple. You join, choose your collection and then you hustle it baby!

Style Session, online show, social media, instapost – so many different ways to promote your jewellery. Wear it – Share it – Earn!!!

A lot of stylists join for the income, the jewellery but they stay for the community. I joined in November and I never looked back. S&D is so rewarding, not just only you earn commission you get rewarded in so many different ways: product, trips, gifts! The list goes on.

So what’s next ?

It’s simple to become a Stylist. Stella and Dot want you to have the best possible start. Usually there are different sign up offers. You invest an certain amount of money e.g £165 and get £300 in product credit, a gift for becoming a stylist and a business box which will include catalogues, brochures, information letters, order forms and everything what you need for a successful start.

Stella and Dot does all the Marketing for you. As a stylist you are entitled to use all photos, adverts and everything they provide. They create a webside for you with a link so your customers can purchase through your link or through you. Simple !!!

👉 http://www.stelladot.co.uk/sites/veronikredmond
Once a year you pay a small maintenance fee which is roughly £30. This allows S&D to keep your web side up to date, you get support through email, life chat etc. The community of stylists is very supportive. There is no competition which I was very surprised off. Stylists share tips, jewellery and the swag!

I know what you are thinking too good to be true and you need to invest some money plus the fee costs. Let me start by saying I know how you feel. I was the exact same. It took me three years before I signed up and I wish now I would have done it earlier. By comparing your earnings through your 25% commission, the free jewellery you will receive plus once you start growing your business you will get additional bonuses, your team will help you to set your business up that is nothing but rewarding and profitable.

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