Eyelash Extensions 101 at Gem Precision Beauty

Eyelashes, full, fluffy, black and curly lashes are definitely a sign of beauty. Mascara is probably, with foundation, that makeup product you can’t live without (too dramatic? Sorry, I’m a makeup junkie).

There are different tools to achieve longer, fuller looking eyelashes, high street and high end brands launch multiple mascaras every month, for who likes a more dramatic effect there are false lashes of any kind, shape and color. Another option is eyelashes extensions.

img_7728.jpgPersonally, this was my first time, I do love mascara and false lashes but i’m too lazy and not very precise to apply falsies daily and sometimes they look a bit too much, while mascara is sometimes just not enough. After doing some researches and having an occasion coming up I thought it was time to go and give eyelash extensions a go.

After a bit of research I found on Instagram Gem Precision Beauty, a lovely salon owned by Gemma in the heart of Edinburgh. I contacted her on Facebook, asking a few


questions and then I booked an appointment.



Gemma’s salon is beautiful, a bright, clean and tidy space, she welcomed me and make me go through a form, eyelash extensions are not suggested if you have any eye conditions, after that we started the service. You can pick different style of lashes:

-classic, a natural finish, your lashes but better

– hybrid, a fuller looking eyelash but not overly dramatic

– dramatic, longer, fluffier lashes better than a doll

img_7727I decided to go for a hybrid set, the cost of it was £65, the service took 2 hours and after my lashes were absolutely amazing, I couldn’t feel them and in the morning I was looking awake straight away.

Obviously there’s a bit of aftercare.

  • don’t get them wet in first 24hours
  • use oil free makeup remover
  • try to avoid rubbing them, be gentle
  • you won’t need it but if you want to use mascara on them pick a non waterproof one
  • don’t try to take them off yourself

I loved my lashes and I highly suggest Gemma to get them done.


Gem Precision Beauty

87/2 Rose Street North Lane



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