The Big 3 0

Turning 30 means to be fully grown up. Well, so they say! At this stage people find the right partner, they settle down, they have children, they have successful careers and they suddenly enjoy a glass of red wine. 
I was 21 when the thought of turning 30 made me shiver and think : Oh god, one day baby we will be old! 

A few weeks ago I turned 30 and to be honest I can honestly say there are worst things in life than enjoying yourself and being blessed to celebrate a birthday. Just before the big 3 0 kicks in people will ask you: How do you feel about getting older darling ? They throw you those pitiful looks and you can’t help it, you just grin.

By the age of 15 you will have a list in your mind. A picture what it’s like to be a grown up. The things society expects of you to achieve by the time  you are 30. A career, a partner, kids, a big house. Truth is: There is no plan in life. There is no right or wrong. Life is unexpected, crazy, sunny, rainy, light, dark and absolutely phenomenal. So let’s just live a little! 

So, how does turning 30 feel ? Remember your 18th birthday. You thought you are officially a grown up, however just because you are legally allowed to drive a vehicle and purchase a bottle of wine doesn’t mean we know it all. You quickly realise there is so much more to learn. Then you hit 25 and you think : Right time to grow up! It’s statistically proven that people who haven’t found a partner by the age of 30 or aren’t satisfied with their career start to question their achievements. From my point of view it’s okay to live a life others don’t understand. 

Here is the thing: Stop overanalysing. Stop comparing your achievements to others, what will be will be and what’s meant for you won’t go pass you. Don’t wish your life away. In the end of the day the world we live in is changing. They say 30 is the new 20. Here is why: We live longer, we work longer, we retire later therefore you will marry later, have kids later and  settle down later. Stop stressing about those silly things. 

I tell you from my experience it’s one of the best birthdays you will celebrate so end your 20s with a bang. Go on a holiday, throw a party, go out, meet your friends, treat yourself! You deserve it. 

1. Girls holiday 

2. Go out for a meal 

3 Party

4 Drink Champagne 

5 Cake 

6 Family dinner 

There are so many ideas. The most important thing is : Do what feels right for you. Don’t just have a party because it’s expected. The nice thing is it will help you to start your new chapter. It’s something to look forward to so enjoy it as much as you can.  

You can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty, and irresistible for the rest of your life. -Coco Channel


The Veronickas


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