Edinburgh (and not only) TOP 10

Edinburgh, what can I say, it’s a beautiful city, simple as that.

After more than three years here I still look at it with the eyes of a tourist who just arrived (and loves it, even on a rainy day). So here’s a little top 10 of things and places in Edinburgh and nearby.

1. Calton Hillimg_8522.jpg

Literally a hill in the center of the city. Carlton Hill is included in the city’s UNESCO World Heritage site, here you can find some iconic monuments like the city Observatory and National Monument. It’s a must if this is your first time in Edinburgh, from here you can see the entire city center very close. Beautiful at any time of the day but in particular for sunset.

2. Fringe Festival

Enjoy the city in its busiest time, August. During the entire month the city becomes the home of the biggest street art festival in the world. There are people everywhere all the time but the vibe is fun and relaxed, you can go to shows, try different foods and have fun like the locals.

3. Royal Mile

You have to walk the Royal Mile if you are in Edinburgh, but I wouldn’t necessarily suggest to visit the Castle. Royal Mile is charming and takes you back in time, definitely a special experience for fan of Harry Potter or Outlander, you will feel like you’re part of you favorite stories the all time you will spend in Edinburgh. The Castle offers a lovely view of the town, but it’s not cheap, £16.

4. The Meadowsimg_4799

Especially during spring time or a sunny summer day it’s a good choice go for a walk to the Meadows, a park in the heart of the city. On a sunny day it turns into the beach of Edinburgh, everyone (from Scotland) sunbathing like if they were on holiday in Greece. Here you can see Marchmont on one side with its beautiful typical houses and on the other side the modern part of the city, Quartermile, an interesting contrast to look at during a nice walk.

5. Grassmarket

If you go during the day Grassmarket is the perfect area for gifts shopping and visiting Edinburgh’s old town. If you go by night instead this is the place to be if you like a good pub. You will be overwhelmed with the choice. Pubs in Edinburgh tho close quite early, 1pm so if you want to keep on party you could move to Cowgate for a bit of Edinburgh’s night life.

6. George Street

img_3390.jpgFor an afternoon of luxury and relax we suggest a bit of shopping or window shopping on George Street, this is considered the posh street of the town. After that you could indulge in a traditional afternoon tea at the Dome. The entrance, the interior and the service will make you feel like royals.

7. Dean Village

This is a village inside the city. Right next to Stockbridge you will find this little gem where you will see also The Water of Leith, a tiny river crossing the city. An oasis of peace just five minutes away from the busy shopping area of Princes Street.

8. Arthur’s Seatimg_8865.jpg

Not only you will find a hill and a village inside Edinburgh but also a Volcano. 250m make of it quite an easy hike that offers a breathtaking view of Edinburgh’s skyline and Pentlands. Perfect spot also for One Day’s fans.

9. Outside Edinburgh

If you have the chance get a car and drive north. The Highlands are just few hours away and you will feel far far away from chaos and noise, just nature and open spaces. Majestic places definitely worth a visit, depending on the time we would suggest driving through Glencoe ad spend a couple of days on the island of Skye, here you will see that wild Scotland you see in documentaries, beautiful animals and unique landscapes.

10. North bridgeimg_6320.jpg

This is a personal advise, North Bridge is one of the first memories I have here in Edinburgh and overtime I walk here I get somehow emotional and fall in love with the city again and again. On one side Calton Hill, the sea and Arthutr’s Seat and on the other Old town, the Castle and the busy Princes Street with stores and lights. A perfect spot to admire this beautiful beautiful city.

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